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Schools and districts are confronted with the challenge to ensure their assessment systems include students with disabilities. The NCEO (National Center for Educational Outcomes) developed a self-study guide to help schools and districts decide how well they meet this challenge. The guide also includes practical suggestions for how schools can improve inclusion of students with disabilities in assessment and accountability programs. You can get a free copy of the document on-line from NCEO by clicking on

Want to know how a student might do on The International Measurement of Mathematics and Science (TIMMS) testing? Want to see what the standards are for elementary, middle, and high school students in mathematics and science? Two sites can allow you, your students, parents, and others to go on line and take a test similar to the TIMMS. Go to or * Note: The second site ( also offers on-line help to improve mathematics and science skills using top-flight technologies. Be sure to click the “First Time Users” link when you start.

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