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For all students to count, all students must be counted !!
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We believe all students can learn and for all K-12 students to count, they must be counted in the assessments states use to evaluate educational progress and to hold schools accountable for student learning. Thus, we have developed this web course for inservice and preservice teachers, administrators, school counselors, school psychologists, and parents who want to understand educational assessment and facilitate the me
aningful participation of all students in state and district-wide assessments.

The course employs a case-based, situated learning approach and focuses on tactics, such as testing accommodations and alternate assessments, to facilitate the meaningful inclusion of students with disabilities in large-scale assessments. This course will help educators become familiar with their state's standards-based education framework and be knowledgeable of the general content of large-scale assessments used in a majority of states. In addition, participants are provided detailed information on state testing guidelines, the valid use of testing accommodations, the valid use of alternate assessments, and how to communicate assessment results to educational stakeholders.

The application of course content is facilitated by the completion of a number of practical activities and the use of case studies of three students, Patrick, Tia, and Chris. Students like these three have often been excluded from state and district tests, or if tested, their scores may not have been reported. Such behavior has resulted in an incomplete picture of performance for these students and the schools they attend. Excluding students like Patrick, Tia, and Chris is no longer acceptable. Including these students in a meaningful way that results in valid assessments is an achievable goal for all educators.

Finally, we subscribe to the philosophy that learners should control when, and what information they get so that information is relevant to their personal needs. We use Internet-based distance education because it allows individuals to learn when they have the time; it is available whenever they are. Also, we supply links, examples, and other resources that allow learners to customize what they learn to meet their specific needs. In this way, learners shape the timing and content of the course to make it a relevant to their unique needs and settings.

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