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"My students don't like or want to work in groups."

There are many reasons why students may not want to learn in a group setting. They may feel that some members won't pull their weight. They may have had a bad experience in the past. They may realize that collaborative learning places more responsibilities on them whereas a more passive learning approach is just that: passive. They may be comfortable with the lecture-based approach and resist group work merely because it involves change, not because it is a collaborative learning approach.

As with other changes one makes to a course, if there are uncertainties, go slow. Incorporate simpler, less risky tasks into the lecture (concept tests, pause techniques, etc.) and see how the students respond. Embrace a single group task that requires a short period of time (2 to 3 weeks) with ample in-class time to ease issues of scheduling. If this is successful, include two collaborative projects or one that is longer in duration or one with greater out-of-class responsibilities during the next semester. And remember, it may also be uncomfortable for you as the instructor to try these student-centered learning approaches especially if your teaching and higer-education experiences were solely lecture-based ones. Let your students know this and seek their advice on how to make the transition go smoothly.

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