DoingCL - Send-a-Problem






This task involves several groups generating solutions to problems or analyzing possible solutions. A problem can be created by the instructor or by the students in an earlier class. Once prepared, groups are either given a problem by the instructor or choose one themselves. Using a folder with the problem clipped to the outside, the group generates as many solutions to the problem as they can within a specified time. The solutions are written down and placed inside the folder. After the specified time, the folder is passed to another group which is permitted to see the problem but not the solutions generated by the first group. The second group also generates as many possible solutions to the problem within the time limit and places them inside the folder. A third group receives the folder and is given the task of selecting the best two solutions. This group reviews the solutions, consolidates them if necessry, and adds new ones as needed (Millis and Cottell, 1998). The last step is a higher level thought process that involves synthesis and evaluation.

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Doing CL
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