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Annotated Bibliography - by James Cooper and Pamela Robinson

In their introduction the authors describe and give brief answers to commonly-asked questions concerning small-group instruction. The first question addresses differences between cooperative learning and other forms of small group instruction such as collaborative learning. The second relates to research and theory relating to cooperative learning in higher education, especially as the technique applies to science, mathematics, engineering and technology. The third question concerns to sources for addressing applications of cooperative learning, particularly in SMET disciplines. For each question, the authors identify resources in the bibliography which provide additional information for those seeking more detailed and sophisticated responses.

The authors then identify 99 resources which may be of value to SMET researchers and practitioners. They annotate each resource, often providing their own assessment of the value of each for different audiences (e.g. those new to cooperative learning, those interested in applied rather than theoretical material). This section of the bibliography is divided into four parts. The first part identifies resources related to general collegiate research and theory concerning cooperative learning. The second focuses on SMET-related research and theory concerning cooperative learning in higher education. The third section focuses on general applied work in cooperative learning in higher education, while the fourth section focuses on SMET-related applied work at the college level. An index is included which guides readers to specific work focused on specific disciplines (e.g. chemistry, calculus) and types of publications (e.g. meta-analyses, workbooks).

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