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A Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) for Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology Faculty - by Elaine Seymour and Steve Kosciuk


This Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) for Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology Faculty offers a collection of methods by which to assess both student learning and student perceptions of their learning processes and other classroom experiences. It was begun as a way to bring together in accessible form the work of faculty and evaluators who are engaged in the process of reforming undergraduate science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (SME&T) education. The collection focuses on assessment methods designed by contributors from the approximately twenty NSF coalitions for the reform of undergraduate education in mathematics, chemistry, and engineering. We also include assessment methods contributed by individuals and groups beyond these consortia, and encourage site readers to submit their own work to the guide editors. We welcome comments on the efficacy of particular methods included in the FLAG that readers have tried in their own classrooms. We can thus increase the utility of the collection.

All of the methods offered by coalition members and evaluators were developed to discover how well students meet the learning objectives of courses using revised curriculum and pedagogy. There is no reason, however, why they should not be used to explore student learning, and classroom experiences, in more traditionally-taught classes. In fact, by comparing student achievement and experiences between traditional and reform courses, the SME&T education community may obtain valuable perspectives of the efficacy of our various efforts.

For more information, visit the FLAG website.

Elaine Seymour, NISE, and University of Colorado, Boulder

Steve Kosciuk, LEAD Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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