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Other Websites

Below is a list of other websites browsers may find useful. They include general information on collaborative learning and on-line discussions.

California State University, Long Beach
Department of Engineering

    A Cooperative Learning Approach to Teaching Social Issues of Computing

    An article: The purpose of the article is to share ideas, problems encountered, and a cooperative learning exercise that has been particularly effective in the author's classes.

Harvard University

Honolulu Community College

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Center for Problem-Based Learning

Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis
School of Science, Department of Biology

International Association for the Study of Cooperative Learning in Education


    Information on Cooperative/Collaborative Learning, a resource page, and links.

Maricopa Community College
Instructional Innovation Network

North Carolina State University

San Diego State University and
California State University Instructional Technology Initiatives

State University of New York at Buffalo

Swarthmore College

Dr. Theodore Panitz
Cooperative Learning Resource Website

University of Minnesota
Cooperative Learning Center

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Center for Teaching and Learning

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Grayson H. Walker Teaching Resource Center

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Application of Peer Learning to the Introductory Computer Science Curriculum

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