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Collaborative Learning Networks and
  Other Resources

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Education Foundation

    Tanya Hilton
    111 Sixteenth Street, NW
    Washington, D. C. 20036-4873
    (202) 728-7602
    FAX: (202) 872-1425
    Has fellowships and grants that support science education, and local chapters aim to increase girls' participation in science with their Expanding Your Horizons" program.

Association of Women in Science (AWIS)

    Catherine Jay Didion
    1522 K Street, NW
    Suite 820
    Washington, D. C. 20005
    (202) 408-0742
    FAX: (202) 408-8321
    Promotes women's participation in science, and has an active mentoring program through its local chapters.

Collaboration in Undergraduate Education (CUE)

    Roberta Matthews
    LaGuardia Community College
    31-110 Thompson Avenue
    Long Island, NY 11101
    (718) 482-5405
    FAX: (718) 482-5443
    Organizes the collaborative learning Action Community of AAHE (American Association of Higher Education) and promotes the use of collaborative learning in undergraduate education.

Cooperative Learning Center

    David Johnson, Roger Johnson
    202 Pattee Hall
    150 Pillsbury Drive SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    (612) 624-7031
    Does research on cooperative learning, runs workshops, and is a teacher resource. Primary focus was on the K-12 system though new research has focused on undergraduate education.

Network for Cooperative Learning in Higher Education

    Jim Cooper
    1000 E. Victoria Street
    Carson, CA 90747
    (310) 516-3961
    Does research on cooperative learning, publishes a complimentary newsletter, and provides materials to those interested in implementing cooperative learning.

New England Resource Center for Higher Education

    Zelda Gamson
    University of Massachusetts at Boston
    Graduate COllege of Education
    Harbor Campus - W/2/143
    Boston, MA 02125-3393
    (617) 287-7740
    FAX: (617) 287-7922
    Develops collaborative relationships between and among colleges in New England, provides professional development, sponsors conferences, and publishes a newsletter.

Washington Center for Improving the
   Quality of Undergraduate Education

    Barbara Leigh Smith, Jean MacGregor
    The Evergreen State College
    Olympia, WA 98505
    (206) 866-6000 ext. 6863
    Focuses on "low-cost, high yield approaches to educational reform", supports faculty exchanges, interdisciplinary programs, conferences, and more.

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