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SALG- Student Assesment of Learning Gains.

Client/PI: Paul Barrows

Unit of Client/PI: Elaine Seymour

Project Director: Sue Daffinrud

Key Words: Assessment, Evaluation

Description: The SALG is a free, on-line tool that enables instructors of college level courses to modify and administer an assessment tool.

OLAP-On-Line Analytical Processing

Client/PI: Paul Barrows

Unit of Client/PI: UW-Madison

Project Director: Steve Kosciuk

Key Words: Retention, Student Records, On-line Analysis Processes

Description: Two year funding from the UW-Madison campus to pilot, develop, and customize On-Line Analytical Processing interfaces to the new longitudinal student record data views for end-users in colleges, programs, and departments for the purposes of analyzing and improving student retention and academic success.

FLAG-Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide.

FLAG Tool Development

Client/PI: Bob Mathieu, Mike Zielik

Unit of Client/PI: University of New Mexico/University of Wisconsin

Project Director: Sue Daffinrud

Key Words: Faculty Development, Assessment, Technology

Description: This work involves providing more resources on the Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) website, available at http://www.wcer.wisc.edu/cl1/flag. The LEAD Center will collect and prepare for web publication a set of "field-tested" classroom assessment instruments; participate in the development of a usable interface for on-line community software on the FLAG; and the disseminate the FLAG and SMET audiences.

LT˛-Learning Through Technology

Assessment Tool Kit

Guidelines for Self-Evaluation of EOT-PACI Projects

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