Research Programs

The Institute is conducting five programs of research. Each program is designed and implemented in field studies with partner schools and teams of teacher-researchers.

The five research programs that will be explored and examined in nominated and selected schools of authentic and inclusive learning, are outlined below:

Student Access and Learning Support Strategies. This program will examine the use of support strategies in promoting access to the general education curriculum, in engaging and retaining students, and in improving educational results based on authentic achievement standards. 

Integrated and Contextualized Learning and Assessment. The two strands of this program will document and characterize the critical attributes of contextualized learning (e.g., integrated academic and occupational courses, career magnet schools, schools within schools) and assessment of authentic learning (i.e., the outcomes of student learning). The assessment strand will examine inschool outcome measures and the alignment with and accommodation of district and state assessment programs. 

Transition Services. Qualitative studies will identify and explore the connections between schools and community agencies that enhance parental and student engagement in making successful transitions from school to work, postsecondary education, and adult life. 

Employment and Postsecondary Outcomes. Using a variety of information on former students, this program will design and study the use of a postschool outcomes database for determining and changing instruction and planning at each action research site. One of the major studies will examine the relationship between inschool outcomes data from authentic inclusive pedagogy and schooling practices and postschool outcomes. 

Standards for Instructional and Transition Plans. This program will define the scope and qualities of the school-based planning processes used in schools demonstrating authentic inclusive pedagogy. Particular attention will be given to how these processes engage students and families in educational and career planning. 


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